Friday News Roundup: July 26, 2019

Friday News Roundup

This week in the news: Read human pieces like the story of Gloria Williams, one of Louisiana’s longest serving females in prison and Dauras Cyprian, one of tens of thousands of Californians who has been released from prison yet is shut out of two of the most basic civic institutions, a new justice reform proposal from presidential candidate Joe Biden, a slate of policy changes to Oregon’s juvenile justice system, and more. 

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Vacatur: Whose Second Chance Is It Anyway?

A black and white photo of children in the South Bronx chasing pigeons away.In 2014, Tracey Jones celebrated ten years working at the same daycare center. There is no question that Tracey is meant to work with children. Walk down Courtlandt Avenue with her, and you will hear kids yelling, “Hi, Miss Tracey!” When she hears the greeting, she stops what she’s doing and opens her arms. She scoops them up, remembers their names, the last time she babysat them, and in a few cases, the last time she babysat their parents.

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